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Scope New York Leaves Its Mark

(Christopher Pusey In Front Of Clockwork Cros, Special Edition Artist Series Clocks At Dorian Grey Gallery)

One Gallery's Perspective On Contemporary Art Pricing



( Exposed N.1: is the first of a series of artists’ residencies coinciding with Sonica.FM )

Exposed N.1: ‘ClockWorkCros’ at Hundred Years Gallery in London, United Kingdom


( On my way home when I walked into Sir Crosby and his friends in front of a Popup Gallery in Bowery street. They invited me in to show me all the clocks from Sir Crosby. )

Clock Art NYC


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10 Rare Notorious B.I.G. Items


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The Best of Fridge Art Fair Miami 2014


( Crosby has a unique talent with turning these clocks into great pieces of work. )

Artist Spotlight: ClockWorkCros


( Featured Artist )

Crosby “ClockWork Cros” and His Hand-Made Surreal Inspired Clocks


Wale's Art Exhibition About Nothing Event Recap


( One of the very few originals from Lower East Side; he is known and made a name for himself for his custom signature-time pieces that consist mainly of famous icons and celebrity faces. )

Artist of the Month


When we showed up to the second iteration of the party last night, the first thing we noticed was that the walls were covered in clocks made out of celebrity faces like Miley Cyrus, Charlie Sheen and Meryl Streep. We were told that they're the brainchild of artist Crosby and his company ClockWork Cros. )



( We are teaming up to present Back in the Day, a ONE DAY ONLY pop-up art exhibition by fine artist Sir ClockWork Cros. )

Back In The Day Video Recap


( Clockwork Cros and Max Von Aichinger had a face off, literally - of their art. Cros displayed a whole wall of 72 face-clocks, half Marilyn Monroe and half Muhammad Ali/Cassius Clay, as well as another 130 varied clocks. )

A Pop Up Show Happened in New York


( Get a glimpse into the mind of NYC's one and ONLY surrealist, pop-art-clock hotshot... )

Gettin’ Up w/ ClockWork Cros

Written & Photographed by Ben Ferrari


( 簡単に壁にかけるだけで時計の役割はもちろんお部屋がアーティなおしゃれ空間になること間違いなし!
Role of the watch is sure that the room is stylish space artistic course, just to run on the wall easily! )

Affordable art born from downtown Boy NYC. The custom-made celebrity watch



( You can choose from music, film and cultural icons to get your time right. Crosby has your back. )

Issue 140 Style Issue : Time Teller


( With over 500 clocks already sold, notable collaborators in his Rolodex, sold out shows, and production and print credits, Lower East Side’s Crosby has a lot to share with the world of art. )

Streets Is Watching: Clockwork Cros 
By: Phil V

( Downtown New York City is teeming with young talented level up artists. Heard the word that Clockwork Cros was putting a fresh show up with some emerging stars, Leg Head Loves, Gazoo To The Moon, and Josh B.)

Ephemeral Motion: A Clockwork Cros Production

 By: Hash Halper

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( Surrealist clock designer Crosby, whose work is among the items that can be purchased there, agrees. “Art is still a very interesting and intricate part of the culture and if we can make some more of our generation art lovers, that would be amazing,” Crosby said. )

Bronx Pop-Up Shop A Rotating Haven For Local Artists
By: Tara Lynn Wagner


( The latest art show to invade the walls of everyone’s favorite Ludlow Street bar, Max Fish, is work by “The Arteries Group,” Crosby has made a series of clocks from large head-shots of celebrities and politicians. )

Weekend Update
By: Walter Robinson


( Featured Photo: Flavor Flav Clock )


( Featured Artist Interview )


( Artist Mention ) 

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