Crosby “ClockWork Cros” is a Surrealist artist who was born and raised in the Lower East Side of New York. His clocks challenge ideas about disposability, longevity and reputation, while exploring the consumption of celebrity. Post-post-modern, Crosby's clocks sail across media platforms and technology, but also look back to a time of the handmade. He hand makes his clocks in his native NYC studio, re-envisioning iconic images of luminaries.

Crosby’s clocks have shown in galleries, art fairs and collections throughout the world, including the Future Hive at The Seventh Letter, Wallplay’s lounge at ComplexCon and multiple exhibitions during Art Basel Miami Beach, as well as The Armory Show and Frieze in New York. He is collected by celebrities and prominent collectors and has collaborated with brands in music and fashion to help them realize art as elevated merchandise. The artist recently completed an artist in residence program in Tokyo, Japan, where he studied and created a body of work exploring Kintsugi- a Japanese practice and philosophy that treats breakage and repair as part of the history and beauty of an object.