Crosby “ClockWork Cros” is a Surrealist artist who was born and raised in the Lower East Side of New York. His clocks challenge ideas about disposability, longevity and reputation, while exploring the consumption of celebrity. ClockWork Cros' works are collected by several prominent collectors and celebrities. His clocks have been exhibited in galleries throughout the world and in art fairs such as Art Basel Miami Beach, Armory Arts Week in New York and Frieze New York.


"Crosby’s work.... frequently draws on the hip-hop and graffiti culture that was born in New York in the eighties." - Nicole Rudick, The Paris Review 


"...he’s a super cool kid making amazing [things] and hitting the scene with an intensity and integrity you just can’t fake." - Carlo Mccormick, Paper Magazine


Catalogues available for download.
ClockWork Cros EPK


Melting Clock Catalog


Pargaon Catalog


Luche Libre Catalog