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FRIDA KAHLO HOUSE, curated by New York surrealist ClockWork Cros, is a site-specific curatorial platform which was launched on December 6, 2018, during Art Basel Miami. The project celebrates legendary painter and cultural phenomenon, Frida Kahlo, by presenting work from contemporary artists who value Kahlo's ethos and displaying additional work permitted in part by license from the Frida Kahlo Corporation.

Arguably Mexico's greatest female artist, Kahlo was born in the suburbs of Mexico City on July 6, 1907. Her powerful and honest self-portraits reveal a rich interior world born from her creativity and a lifetime of adversity. Having contracted Polio as a child and carrying the nickname “Peg-leg Frida,” her original ambition was to become a doctor and prevent others from sharing her plight. This dream was not to be; in 1925 a terrible streetcar accident left her disabled. She became an artist. Kahlo began to paint in order to escape the loneliness and pain of her recovery from the accident.

In 1929, Kahlo married the leading member of the Mexican Muralist movement, Diego Rivera. The marriage inspired her to work with renewed fervor. By the late 1930s, Kahlo's paintings achieved international exposure when Surrealists André Breton and Marcel Duchamp brought her work to Europe and the United States. However, Kahlo distanced herself from the Surrealists by explaining that her paintings were depictions of her reality. An early champion of women's rights in Mexico, Frida Kahlo was a founding member of the Sole Front for Women’s Rights. Today the legacy of Frida Kahlo has permeated many aspects of popular culture and Kahlo is both celebrated as an artist and revered for her bold and free spirit.

For the launch of FRIDA KAHLO HOUSE, ClockWork Cros transformed a 40 foot shipping container into a three-day multimedia pop-up experience, located at SATELLITE Art Show in Miami. The exhibit included a collection of rare photos on loan from Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (National Institute of Anthropology and History) and a curated installation celebrating the inspirational life and legacy of Frida Kahlo by taking her re-invented world as its originating impulse. FRIDA KAHLO HOUSE featured work by ClockWork Cros, Filip Custic, Lola Jiblazee, Keli Lucas, Augustus Pallante, HidjiWorld, Marguerite Van Cook, Jasmine Besiso and Ellie Weatherbee. Works were permitted in part by a license granted by the Frida Kahlo Corporation. A percentage of sales and post show sales from “FRIDA KAHLO HOUSE” will be donated to Rotary Polio in order to help realize would-be-doctor Frida Kahlo’s original intention of helping others overcome Polio.
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